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PS2 Model 30 Starter Kit

  1. varguy
    Hi All,

    Tried to post this before but got timed out, so my apologies if it ends up being a duplicate entry.

    I miss the good old days when I could sell a PS2, some extra RAM, a super high-end (640x480) CAD graphics card and monitor, Autocad, a Plotter, and make about $5,000 profit. *sigh*

    So about 20 years ago I ordered the wrong keyboard for a client. I found it while moving out of my house of 20 years a cupla months ago. In the bottom of my closet was a brand new, unopened PS2 Model 30 "Starter Kit." I opened the outer shipping container but I have no idea what the contents are of the inner box. Is the "Kit" just the keyboard? If your're wondering why the heck I don't open it to find out, I was thinkin it might be cool for a real aficionado to have the honors...

    Anyway, anyone know for sure what's inside??

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