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lookfor Kaypro 4 CP/M System Disk

  1. jbemond
    Hi all,

    I looked for a CP/M 2.2 bootdisk for the Kaypro 4 (And more would be to have : with french keyboard support)

    I have two Kaypro (II and 4), I use and old PC with 360 MB Floppy to make disk with Dave Dunfield software. But the image disk imd ( ) is not working... The Kaypro 4 boot well, but after no programs running on the disk

    Is very strange, but I can not be the right settings in IMD software ?

  2. jbemond
    I found Kaypro 4 CP/M 2.2 image disk here :

    But now I lookfor French Keyboard (AZERTY) version

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