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Kaypro 10

  1. phogren
    I finally found a Kaypro 10!! BUT..... The hard drive and Floppy drive are missing - Harumph. I have a 50 pin cable coming from the motherboard going to nothing. I always thought these were MFM type hard drives which do not use 1 50 pin cable. So I must be missing either the controller board or adapter. If anyone has what I need PLEASE let me kow. I do have some parts models (ii & 2x) that I would be willing to trade. Picking up a large lot of Kaypros later this week (Alas, no 10's as far as I know) so I will have even more trading material available. Also I have a lot of older Macintoshs (Plus, SE, SE/30 etc.etc.) some of which work flawlessly.
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