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PowerMac 180c

  1. Ben de Vries
    Ben de Vries
    I'm new to this and would really appreciate some advice!

    I'm trying to restore an old PowerBook 180c -

    When I turn it on the drive fails to mount (It whirs audibly but ticks and doesn't spin up completely, after a few seconds a floppy disk symbol with a question mark appears).

    It seemed to be in good working order before the drive packed in so I want to replace that and see if it helps… Problem is that I've never seen a drive this old before and I'm not exactly sure how to get hold of one/what I'm looking for. Also I'm assuming the software/firmware (OS in modern terms) will need to be pre-installed on the new drive as I wouldn't have the first idea how to format a vintage drive into a bootable startup disk.

    I've attached a picture and if anyone could point me in the right direction that'd be awesome!

  2. Capt. 2110
    Capt. 2110
    If you have the install media, you can just buy this model off eBay and format it during the install.
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