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Which Operating System do you use?

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  1. OldBlueBear
    My all time favorite O/S is UNIX* the stuff that came from AT&T from the early 1970s through the 1980s finishing with "Destiny", UNIX SVR4 199? and nothing beyond. As well as its various spin offs at Sun, SunOS , Solaris. I also have happy memories of C (K&R C) under CP/M on a NorthStar rapidly swapping floppy disks as a multi-overlay program ran. OBB
  2. OldBlueBear
    I am in the process of trying to bring up a Sun version of SVR4 for i386, which needs both a CD/DVD drive and a Floppy. I am getting there but the first 486 machine, built from salvaged parts blew taking the PSU with it. It now works out someone made a mess of replacing the large caps on the board. Anothe motherboard is now in the pipeline and SVR4 will rise from the ashes yet. stay posted UNIX* is the word! OBB
    * unix was the trade mark of Bell Labs NJ, AT&T and various others!
  3. CP/M User
    CP/M User
    Thanks for the interesting stories folks, sorry I haven't posted in this thread in nearly 8 years! Can't say unfortunately that I've played with any more old Operating Environments/Systems, seem to be more intrigued with coding on my old computer.
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