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IBM PS/2 Owners

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  1. Jay Newirth
    Jay Newirth
    I am in possession of a PS/2 Model 77 with a clock/date problem .... even after replacing the battery
    Would replacing the riser card assembly be something to try ?
  2. MennoJoshua
    Model 77, originally 486 DX2/66, now has an Evergreen 5x86 133MHz upgrade in it, 32MB (8MB 70ns x 4), 500MB-ish drive with IML.

    Used to have an 8525-004, 8573-401 (P75 486), 8573-121 (P70 386), 8580-121, and 8565-061.
  3. CarlosArgentina
    I am the founder and editor of the Encyclopedia of Sciences and Technologies in Argentina (ágina_principal). I have an IBM PS/2 Model 50Z, without memory. monitor and keyboard, which I wish to get rid off. Are there any parts that may be of interest to any of the members of the forum? I would gladdly send them if they cover the transportation costs.
  4. WBST
    Hi guys,

    this group doesn't seem to have had any activity recently, but here goes:

    8557 with Reply PowerBoard 486DX2-66 planar upgrade
    8570 with IBM (Reply) planar upgrade
    9557 SLC3
    9577 i/s with IBM "Corvette" Fast+Wide SCSI-2 adapter
    9585 xNx with IBM Wireless LAN Advanced adapter
    9595 xMx with 486DX-50 complex
    9595 (A) with IBM "Cheetah" RAID adapter and 2 x 3-drive Type 1 hot-swap bays and 1GB drives in trays
    9595 with ITBU, EE 5.25 FD and IBM "Corvette" Fast+Wide SCSI-2 adapter
    PC Server 500
    PC Server 320
    PC Server 520
    PC Server 720
    Multiprise 3000 H50

    I've had more in the past, having started way back with a now humble 8580-111, but the addiction grew.
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