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5160 power supply

  1. fatwizard
    I am having a time repairing an original power supply from a 5160. I have two 5150's and those supplies work just fine, but my two 5160's both had bum supplies. I have found a schematic for the 5150 supply, but not the 5160. They both will power up under load, but quickly shut back down. I would love to hear any tips or help locating a schematic. Thanks.
  2. wangermuller
    I wish I have that info too. I would like also know how to repair CGA and EGA screens. Let me know if you find something and good luck
  3. Ozfer
    If your still looking there are some great manuals for the screens I have.
  4. 1984BBS
    I have the technical schematics for the IBM 5151, 5153, and 5154 monitors. If interested let me know here. Or send a message to dejavu on (Telent)

    I will proactively scan and post the schematics on the BBS for anyone to download.

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