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About RobertK
I am from Vienna, Austria, and I work as a software engineer. I was born in 1973. My first own computer was an EGA Turbo-XT that I got in 1989 - this machine finally seemed serious enough for my dad after years of begging to buy me a computer. Now I collect all the old computers that I had missed as a kid. My collection comprises the usual suspects: VIC 20, C128, Atari 800XL, ZX-81, TI-99/4A, MSX, Atari 1040 ST, Amiga 1000, Sinclair QL. I hope that I can one day revive my old XT which is currently out of service due to a battery leak damage. A few years ago, I have obtained a Schneider Euro PC, which was quite popular in Europe, but is probably unknown in the rest of the world. It is the machine that I currently love most due to it's "homecomputerish" look despite being a true DOS PC.
Vienna, Austria
Software Developer


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