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About Bernie
I was in the US Air Force from 1964 - 1968. I had a great job and learned lots. I maintained the radar, missile and bombing system on the F4 Phantom. Shortly after getting out of the Air Force I went to work for Univac and got to work on the worlds largest scientific computer, the 1108A. Most of my career was as a defence contractor on designing and maintaining a wide variety of cutting edge electronic units and systems. My last 10 years in the arena, I worked with night vision systems.
The main reason I am here is my interest in Commodore computers. I started a Pet users group in 1980 in Dayton Ohio. We had 10 people at our first meeting. When I stepped down from the presidency, 5 years later our membership was over 150. Those were some really great times, and for those of us that were more advanced experimented around a lot on our computers.
I thought BETSI was one of the best things made to extend the power of the PET. it converted the Commodore bus to S100. You could expand the memory and I even put an 8" floppy on mine. It did require some programming and hardware design, but well worth it.
I loved the C-64, but I thought it could be a much more powerful. The largest storage device was the floppy. but I felt that for it's price, speed and capacity it was not the way to go. I purchased a used 5MB Winchester and a WD 2000 board and set about to interface it to the computer. The hardware design and build was fairly easy but a real glitch came in the software development. I thought the programming would not be very difficult using the C-64 assembler. That was not the case, the program was not fast enough to handle the interrupts and other functions. I had to program the whole thing in machine language which was a very daunting task. It was all well worth it in the end. The first time I wrote to the HD and read it back was one of the most exciting things I had ever done.
La Jolla, CA
Computer art, On line Poker, Chess and combat flight simulators
Electronics and computers ... now retired


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