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About RetroSpector78
Around the age of 7 (I think) I started out with an Philips MSX HomeComputer (playing games and started "programming" BASIC). Moved on to Commodore 64 / Amigas a couple of years later and stuck with it till I entered into the PC realm at the age of 17 with a 486 dx2 66Mhz. Stayed with PCs ever since. (Except for Macbooks for work).

Started collecting some retro stuff in October this year and still trying to find a focus Love the stories behind these PCs (how they were used / what they meant to the original owners) from the people I get them from.

Some highlights so far :

* Restored an IBM 5162 to a fully functional state
* Got an Amstrad PC1512 XT machine up and running like it came out of the box yesterday
* Recapped / Repaired an XT clone that had some capacitor firework inside the case.
* Learned the hard way that an Amiga does not have reverse polarity protection and blew up my line filter (But was able to repair it and bring it back to life).
* Brought my amiga 500 back from the dead and now have 1 extra, as well as some C64s / C128 with Commodore monitors. Revisited all of those great games.
* Built my 486 VLB dream build.

Hoping to focus now on

* Some cool 286 / 386 / 486 whitelabel PC builds (typical nineties cases)
* Continue my IBM XT / AT collection
* Amiga / Commodore stuff

If you can call that a focus

Here to learn / share my experiences / help others in any way I can.


Retro enthousiast. Love everything < 486. Learning and sharing on my little channel


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