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  1. To keep things fresh, here goes a roadmap update...

    To keep things fresh, here goes a roadmap update on the next versions 0.2 and 0.3:
  2. Announcing 8bit-Unity: Cross-platform SDK for 8bit games

    Hey guyz,

    Last month I released 8bit-Slicks for the C64, Atari XL and Apple//e. It is the first cross-platform online game for 8bit era computers.

    While developping the game, I organized my...
  3. Game Release: 8bit-Slicks Online Racer for Apple, Atari, C64

    It was 18 months in the making... but finally I am pleased to announce the release of 8bit-Slicks for the Apple//e, Atari XL, and C64, just in time for the Xmas holiday!

    The game supports up-to 4...
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