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    IBM Model F keyboard "fix"


    I have a IBM PC XT Model 5160 with original Model F keyboard with capacitive keys. I have struggled to make the keyboard work, however, the keyboard is quite unreliable.

    In particular,...
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    SD card to parallel port

    You could try this code I wrote to interface the SD card through the parallel port...

  3. The arduino SD adapter doesn't have level shifters

    The arduino level adapter doesn't have level shifters. This may be ok for the AVR but for the old school TTL inputs probably you need true 5 to 3.3V level shifters. Also, try a pull-down resistor...
  4. SD card to parallel port driver for MSDOS, ver 1.1


    Version 1.1 of the SD card to parallel port is released. It includes the following improvements:

    1. Supports 32-bit sector sizes for those versions of DOS that allow for it.
    2. ...
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    Falling letters screensaver for DOS

    I was having some fun and I created a falling letters screensaver for DOS. I have attached the source and the compiled COM files. There is one for CGA and one for MGA. Take a look at the...
  6. It could be sped up in a couple of ways using...

    It could be sped up in a couple of ways using shift registers:

    If the standard parallel port pins are used, one could get 8 bits out and 4 bits into the parallel port at a time. Therefore...
  7. MS-DOS driver for an SD card connected via a parallel port


    I have written an MS-DOS driver to connect SD cards to the parallel port which is attached. Because floppy disks and floppy disk drives are hard to come by these days, this might help...
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    NE2000 Packet drivers for 8-bit slots


    I modified the packet drivers for the NE2000 card to work on 8-bit slots and have included the modified NE2000.ASM and the compiled NE2000.COM below. Use it at your own risk, and if you...
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