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  1. oops. its a Sony MP-F17W-P3 compaq spare...


    its a Sony MP-F17W-P3

    compaq spare 82084.

    i believe its pinout is similar to the floppy in this thread
  2. doh... it is an non standard 26 pin. i know...

    doh... it is an non standard 26 pin.

    i know now.......

  3. 26 to 34 pin question. Does the Compaq portable 486c have non standard floppy pinout?

    Ive been tinkering with my Compaq Portable 486C that has a bad floppy drive.

    I ordered one of those gotek floppy emulators like ive seen others use in various vintage computing sites.

    I also...
  4. compaq portable 486c upgrades. amd 5x86 133 working! whoo hoo

    the other day i bought a amd 586 133 chip on ebay hoping it would work in place of the 486 dx2 66 that was in there. the one i bought was a PNY quickchip with board revision E.

    i went to install...
  5. compaq 82084 1.44mb floppy for a portable 486c

    Hey Folks,

    Looking for a compaq portable 486c 1.44mb floppy drive. Mine took a dump.

    It worked years ago but when i tried to access a floppy today, no dice.

    the machine has that...
  6. Thread: Hello

    by reliant_turbo


    Hey Folks,

    New here... My name is Brian and I've been tinkering around with computers since the 90's.

    I recently scavenged a Compaq Portable 486C from by inlaws basement to mess with so I'm...
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