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  1. 1976 Diablo System 3200 with external HD

    Vintage Diablo system 3200 made by Shasta General Systems. S100 based microcomputer with both Intel 8080 and Z80 capability. Dual 8" floppy drives and optional external 40mb 14" form factor hard...
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    Man... so, during the course of a single day...

    Man... so, during the course of a single day trying to research information on this hard drive interface my mind went from 'this is impossible' to 'wow, that was easy!'

    I actually managed to get...
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    Shasta Diablo 3200

    Hi all, first post here- I was brought here whist searching for information on a Shasta General Systems Diablo 3200; there was one other thread from '16 on the topic of the Diablo 3000, and briefly...
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