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    The top 10 DOS Games from 1991

    Hi y'all. It's the last in the series of "The Top 10 DOS Games (of the first decade of the IBM PC)".

    I apologise in advance for cheating somewhat in some of the rundowns, there were just too many...
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    Interview: Ken Williams (Sierra)
    Sorry for the cross-post but I thought that this might be of interest/relevant to this area too...

    I met with Ken Williams of Sierra On-Line fame for a fascinating...
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    Ken Williams (Sierra) Interview

    I met with Ken Williams of Sierra On-Line fame for a fascinating chat about all things Sierra: From where it all began, with Ken finding a copy of a text adventure on...
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    The top 10 DOS games from 1990

    These were the top 10 DOS games of the year 1990.
    Watch with me as I review them all and tell you why they are awesome!
    1990 was a year of two halves to me. 256 Colour VGA was in, EGA, CGA and MDA...
  5. Hi Michael, The old 8088/286 may not have...

    Hi Michael,

    The old 8088/286 may not have enough grunt for multi-stream input after a few users, so I was expecting the server to be Linux based (but if it could be ported to DOS, that would also...
  6. How to code a TCP based rogue-like for 8088 class & linux?

    For many years now, I've always fancied making an open source rogue-like game, but I want it to be multi-player, across the internet. Perhaps as a BBS Door too.

    I would have a centralised server...
  7. How I fixed vertical hold / size issues on a monitor (IBM 5151)

    Hi folks,

    I had a problem where my IBM 5151 mono monitor was jumping around all over the place. One minute, the video was squeezed down in the middle, the next it would jump up to 'full size'.
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    Thanks very much for your help! I think you...

    Thanks very much for your help!

    I think you are probably spot on! I can hear the CRT get power, it makes that pzz sort of sound I am accustomed to when starting up a CRT, so it's getting power...
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    Thanks so much for your answer. I believe you are...

    Thanks so much for your answer. I believe you are 100% spot on with the flyback. I do hear that tell-tale sound as if the CRT is coming to life when switching on, but the lack of any feedback on the...
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    TVM monitor - no power to tube?

    I picked up a very lovely TVM MD-7E monitor which I believe to be an EGA one.

    When powered up, I hear the fan spinning up, so I know it's getting juice, however I don't see/hear any sign of life...
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    Menu maker / batch file?

    Hi all,

    In Linux, this would be an easy task, but in DOS, not so simple for me (either because I may have forgotten how to do this sort of stuff, or because you can't do it with simple batch...
  12. The top 10 games from the first 10 years of the IBM PC

    Hi folks,

    I've been putting together a bunch of videos (almost every week), that documents the highlights of every year of the first decade of PC games. I review each of the games briefly (in...
  13. Documentary: How and Why IBM ended up creating the PC (and ended up choosing the 8088

    Hi Folks,

    For those of you who don't know me, I have a youtube channel - Als Geek Lab: (

    Very occasionally, I like to post some of my videos up here that I think may...
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    Getting Windows 2 to work on my XT / 286

    Hi all,

    when I start up Windows 2 on my 286, I get the Microsoft blue logo, then a bunch of garbled text then it spits me back to the DOS prompt. I've seen this before, years ago, but I can't...
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    you are the man! That's bugged me for years! Many...

    you are the man! That's bugged me for years! Many thanks!
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    I have a 5153 and every now and again it starts...

    I have a 5153 and every now and again it starts to whine, sometimes goes at different pitches. It often lasts for hours but often goes back to normal after a while. Anyone know what could cause this?...
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    Hello, and a 'The C64' Review video

    Hi all,

    I've mainly been lurking on the #vc irc channel for a while, but I haven't joined the forum, so firstly just wanted to say hi to everyone!

    I've been doing things with vintage computers...
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    I thought it was 42?

    I thought it was 42?
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