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  1. Location of A500 e.t.c.

    I apologize. It's located in Westfield, MA 01085. A500 and display (optional) will be shipped in two separate boxes via USPS.
  2. Price drop to $170 with monitor; $100 without.

    Price drop to $170 with monitor; $100 without.
  3. FS: Commodore Amiga 500, 1084S display, orig box, software, manual

    Commodore Amiga 500 computer system (Motorola 68000 CPU, 1Mb RAM, 3.5" 800kB FDD), matching Commodore 1084S display, Commodore Amiga "tank" mouse, mouse pad, analog RGB cable, power transformer,...
  4. Interested in the AppleVision

    Let me know the total cost as I'm keen on the idea of integrated speakers. Didn't know that monitor existed!
  5. WTB: Apple Multiple Scan or ColorSync display (15"-20") pick-up in NE preferred

    I am looking to purchase an Apple Multiple Scan 17 or an Apple ColorSync 17" display in very good to excellent condition for use with a Macintosh IIci and it's accelerated video card. I'd consider a...
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