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  1. 99% isopropyl alcohol does the trick - and its...

    99% isopropyl alcohol does the trick - and its cheap online. Use a toothbrush to scrub, anything tougher might cause damage. Use WD40 Electrical Contact Cleaner for electronics.
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    @Chuck Authenticity, Originality. This is a...

    @Chuck Authenticity, Originality. This is a restoration that I really care about.

    But am also interested in the bigger memory size boards too. Basically anything that is on the older style,...
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    MITs Altair Static RAM

    Looking for an original MITs Static RAM for ALTAIR. Preferably Rev 0 or Rev 1.

    (I am currently restoring an original ALTAIR that came without any S100 boards and have managed to find everything...
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    I too am working on restoring an Altair. If...

    I too am working on restoring an Altair. If anyone here has a spare MITS static ram board (preferably rev 0 or rev 1) would be glad to take it off your hands :)
  5. Rev 0 MITS CPU Board and Rev 0 MITS 256B/1K Static Ram

    Hi all,

    Currently restoring an Altair and looking for either:

    Rev 0 MITS CPU board
    Rev 0 MITS 256 byte -or- 1K static ram board

    Willing to pay and/or trade for a Rev 1 CPU board.

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    MITS Altair 8800 Restoration - NOS Wire

    About to start a restoration project on an Altair 8800 original. Currently looking around for parts that will need to be purchased.

    Unfortunately, someone over the years has desoldered all the...
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    Yes, Bill Mensch too. Ideally, I would like...

    Yes, Bill Mensch too.

    Ideally, I would like to have two more signatures: Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore.

    I know there are a few (hundred?) First Day Issue stamp envelope that Noyce signed when...
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    MOS 6502 Designer Chuck Peddle - Contact

    Hi there everyone, I'm new to this forum so apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.

    Does anyone know if Chuck Peddle does autographs? (the designer of the MOS 6502 CPU)

    I know he lives...
  9. Wanted: Altair 8800 - ANY condition (includes non-working)

    Looking for an Altair 8800. Could be non-working. Can even be missing a few parts.
    Shipping would be to New York, USA.
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