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Thread: Trade fodder and Wish List

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    What would be fun for me is to have sort of an online swap meet..that never really ends. As fellow collectors go about their collection activities, to find stuff to either just help other board member collectors or to swap for parts...the following is a partial list of my personal "junk pile" (AND my wish list!) This pile has additions and subtraction weekly..I will try to edit and keep it relatively up to date.

    Most of this stuff came out of computers that worked but some I never tried so I can't remember anymore which stuff came from where. My goals? Basically to trade to those who want these for things to advance my old HP/Apollo collection of Work Stations. I'm not interested in selling any of this..just swaps to other looney tune collector types like me. Value isn't as much of interested as in the relative value to the particular collector for their use.

    Since I have access to an very large resource of old machines as they transition from service to junk.. if a person has a wish list, SEND it and I can watch for parts. Most of my stuff came from old university or government machines. To put it another way..I don't want money for any of this stuff unless its some twist towards an ebay auction or some other predefined purchase of an odd ball part I have interest in! So if you have only bucks and want what I might have, I prefer you to ebay or find parts for swap!

    What PC class trade fodder I have at the house right now is:

    ISA cards:

    1) D-Link DE-220CAT Rev C1 Has "BNC", "CAT 5", and AUI connection options
    2) (Two) D-link DE-220T Rev C1 cards with only "CAT5" connection
    3) D-Link DE-220E Rev -B1 with only CAT5
    4) Adaptec AVA-1505A With Cable
    5) Modem, Brand name unknown. Says GVC on it with a bunch of other numbers that don't mean anything to me.
    6) Sound Blaster 16 Has a number "338275" and model number: CT2290
    7) Genisis Sound card with "midi" port and "audio/IO", "line in", "Mic" plug

    PCI Cards

    1) Adaptec AHA 2940W/2940UW PCI to SCSI internal AND external connectors
    2) AZTECH MDP3880-U Modem card
    3) "GVC" Modem card
    4) Askey Model 1456VQH-T2 Modem card
    5) Unknown brand modem with "MW560CI and A99-0182JP on a label in the back. Either OEM Dell or IBM card
    6) GVC Modem card model f-1156vr6
    7) US Robotics Model 0778 Modem card
    Sound Blaster "Live" Model CT4780 card
    9) OvisLink CAT5 LAN card
    10) SDFX Grafphics Card (Dell OEM)
    11) ATI VGA Graphics card (1995 vintage OEM Dell)
    12) S3 Virge/DX Graphics card

    Mother Boards and "Bare Bones" computers:

    1) IBM AMD -Socket 7 Mother Board with CPU Heatsink & fan, with 2- sdram slots, 3- PCI slots, and 3- ISA slots
    2) E-Machine 400MZ PIII "E-Tower" cover but has mother board Power Supply CD-Rom, etc.
    3) Nice old IBM Aptiva. Model 2176-C65...Early Pentium 166MHZ, 2gig Hard drive, 16mb ram, windows 95.
    4) Dell Dimension XPS D500 500MX PIII ( Bare Bones)
    5) E-Machine 600MZ PIII (Bare Bones)
    6) Two Compac P133 MZ Lap tops. Armada 7330T They boot Windows 95. Need better batteries and power supply
    7) ECS K7VZM KT133 (Added 3-13-0 Mother Board with 462 pin Socket A for Athlon K7 series processor. These have a very small form factor.


    1) I have A pile of 72 Pin Simm's of various congfigurations (But NOT the HP spec 32 mb simms for my 715's! )
    2) Early SDRAM memory 32MB, 64MB, 128 etc.
    3) Two "Power Computing" memory moduals with an odd pin form factor I'm not familiar with.. I have NO idea what they are!


    1) Hewlet Packard "Colorado T1000" Tape drive. (NO Idea if it works!)
    2) IBM OEM 24X CD-ROM Model CD-924E/AKO
    3) LG CD-ROM Drive Model CRD-8320B (32X)
    4) Panasonic JU-256A276P Floppy drive

    Power Supplys

    1) Enlight Model EN-8234901 230Watt power supply
    2) Dell "OEM" 230 watt power supply

    Some other PIII's and older stuff....

    Things I want over time (MY long term wish list):

    1) Apollo 425T Workstation in parts or whole. Actually ANY 400T class apollo.
    a) memory that was pretty unique to these old anchors.
    b) SCSI interface disk drive especially if they have an operating system...Domain in particular.

    2) Any good parts for HP9000 715/100 & 100XC series, 720 Series, 735 Series, 750 "Tower" series workstations.
    a) 32mb 72pin simms made by "Kingston" or equivalent for those HP715's. The specs are posted online at ""
    HP part numbers was "A2827A - (2) 32MB 72-pin SIMMs " for 715's
    b) Proprietary memory modules for 720, 735,750 series machines.
    Here are some HP 720 & 750 part numbers for memory upgrades and modules:
    A2521A - 720 CPU and 96MB
    A2522A - 720 CPU and 128MB
    A2668A - 720 32MB upgrade
    A2562A - 720 64MB upgrade
    A2533A - 750 256MB upgrade
    A2534A - 750 384MB upgrade
    A1978A - (2) 4MB modules
    A1979A - (2) 8MB modules
    A2512A - (2) 16MB modules
    A2513A - (2) 32MB modules
    A2518A - (2) 64MB modules

    c) Any disk drive that came with those old workstations

    3)Vintage HP or Apollo (Sony built them) Monitor with 3-BNC capability and frequency capabilities for my
    They need pretty good frequency specs for those old cards, the following is typical:
    Horizontal Scan Range:
    30 - 90 kHz
    Vertical Scan Range:
    40 - 90 Hz

    OR EVEN BETTER a way to blend newer monitors with those old BNC outputs!

    4) A complete "B180L" desk top HP.

    5) Any old applications that run on those HP-UX machines.

    6) Legal Windows 98 build my systems for an old graphics application I have....that only runs on '98
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    I think instead of SCSI, you meant ISA...there is no such thing as a SCSI network card, whereas there are ISA network cards and ISA SCSI cards a plenty...
    Windows: worst operating system in the world, almost two decades running!

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    Your right.
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    1) IBM PIII Mother Board with CPU Heatsink & fan, with 2- sdram slots, 3- PCI slots, and 3- SCSI slots
    SCSI Slots? What do you mean by that? Does it have onboard SCSI or did you mean something else?

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    Sorry isa ...just completed the edit....probably more scattered around. Fingers going faster than brain.

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    Another Mother Board today....ECS K7VZM KT133 Handles the early Athlon K7 Processors with its "462 pin Socket A"

    These are 2000-2001 era mother boards.

    Also a Dell "OEM" 230 watt power supply

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    Is the IBM P-III motherboard Slot 1 or Socket 370? How high of a processor can it accept? What kind of processor does it come with if it comes with one?



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    What I have now is an IBM "Socket 7" for AMD chips. It has a AMD-K6/266AFR with heat sink and fan right now...I don't think that was something you were looking for. The one "Emachine" is Socket 370 with a 600mz Celeron. If thats on interest I can dig that MoBo out with its "on/off/reset" switches from the front panel of the box still hooked up along with the CPU, Heat Sink, and fan..along with the jumpers in place. I have run that machine with a Windows XP configuration for a while so I know its a good board. Also that would give me a reason to put the ECS board in something at see how it works. They have the same small form factor.

    (I can always send a picture. Also As interesting things move into the room, others leave, I don't have unlimited space for my hobby. The wife & kids think its taking up too much room as it is!)
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    I can't seem to find either software or a manual for a D-Link DE-220T network adapter. Might you have these items?


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