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Thread: The Guild... OMGLOL

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    Default The Guild... OMGLOL

    Okay, so it's not The IT Crowd, but still pretty funny...

    "It's a me-too, 8-bit machine with good graphics and a disk system nobody will support."
    -- Bill Gates, about the Sony SMC-70 with the new 3.5" floppy drives (InfoWorld; June 7, 1982)

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    Thankyou for sharing with us. They are hillarious! I just watched all the epsidodes. Now to research the IT Crowd...

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    I watched them, and I was really creeped out. It's cemented a few irrational fears!

    I have an unopened mmorpg which I think I shall now shelve.

    Despite creepiness, it was entertaining and I watched them all

    No it doesn't really compare to the IT crowd, but until series three comes about, what can you do?


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