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Thread: IRC chat: #vc on

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    Default IRC chat: #vc on

    We've got an IRC channel for realtime chat about vintage computers.
    You can usually find someone on the channel anytime.

    To connect, you'll need an IRC client and the following information:

    Channel: #vc
    Nickname: Please use your forum username!

    See you there!

    "It's a me-too, 8-bit machine with good graphics and a disk system nobody will support."
    -- Bill Gates, about the Sony SMC-70 with the new 3.5" floppy drives (InfoWorld; June 7, 1982)

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    Just a reminder - we are still using IRC for group chat. There are usually a few regulars signed in, and it would be great to meet more of you there.

    A lot of programs have IRC capability. Some of my favorites include:

    • mIRC - full featured Windows client
    • XChat - available for Linux
    • Pidgin - this instant messaging client supports IRC in addition to standard IM protocols. Open source and available for Windows and Linux
    • IRCjr - talk about vintage hardware while on vintage hardware! Runs very well on 8088 class machines with limited memory. Requires DOS, either on a real machine or in an emulator.
    • LeetIRC - another client for vintage machines! Runs on 8088 class machines, written in QuickBasic

    Come drop in and say hello! If you need help getting setup with IRC we'd be happy to get you started.


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    Default Bump ..

    The IRC channel is still around! Interested in talking about vintage computers in realtime? Sign on!

    The regulars include Ahm, Jorg, Carlsson, Discomeats and a few others you will readily recognize.


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    Thanks to Mike's reminder, the number of participants has increased by 30-50% in the last few days. There is still room for more. Today (European time) we even managed to stay remarkably on-topic for over 3,5 hours.
    Anders Carlsson

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    Just started popping in the IRC room.

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    C'mon everybody! It's CHAT! About VINTAGE COMPUTERS! The words are few and far in between, could use some more people in there! Let's go!

    IRC, FTP, HTTP and Quake!

    Check us out (we have cookies)!

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    Oh, cool with users
    I'm joining!

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    Bumpitty bump bump!

    Hey guys! Don't forget about the IRC room! We have lots of fun talking about anything from Airplanes to Zoo's with the occasional computer talk thrown in!

    Grab an IRC client and come talk to us at /server on /join #vc !
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    By the way, for those of you with (non-vintage) Macs, the Adium 1.4 beta also includes native IRC support, which seems to work nicely so far (at least for me) . For Adium 1.3, you'll still need an add-on.

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    Nice, didn't know about that.

    Other highly recommended clients:

    Windows: mIRC -
    Mac: xChat Aqua -
    DOS: mbbrutmans DOS client of course!
    Linux: xChat/IRCII/etc (lots of good ones)

    Come join us!
    An equal opportunity collector.


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