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Thread: Commodore SX-64

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    Talking Commodore SX-64

    Hi this is my first time here to this forum. If I post wrongly plz forgive me. I have a Commodore SX-64 for sale. Its in great shape. It has a Commodore Monitor, the joysticks, and ALOT of games. So pm me and we will discuss prices and shipping.

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    I'd love to have it, but it would probably cost an arm and a leg to ship to Canada.

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    Where are you located? Folks might want to know for shipping considerations.

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    Presuming myself among that audience of 'folks', I concur! Good ol' heavy Commodore monitors cost a fortune in shipping on eBay and I would give a lot to see one in my general vicinity (in other words, one that wouldn't cost 110$ to get to my house).

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    At least the SX-64 monitor is only 5" or so, i.e. built-in. But the whole computer probably weighs some 10-15 kg anyway. In this case location is not only important due to shipping expenses, but also the fact that a PAL (European) SX-64 appears to be worth 2-3 times as much as a NTSC (American) SX-64.
    Anders Carlsson

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    I live in NY USA

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    If it hasnt been spoken for already, what part of NY are you in? I've wanted to aquire a Commodor 64 for a while, I live in Syracuse.

    Wanted: IBM XT/286 Model 5162 <-!!!

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    Beth197530 -- I sent you a PM yesterday, just so you know .....
    "Well this film wastes no precious screen time with a plot!" -- Crow (from MST3K), while watching Red Zone Cuba

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    I still have the commodore. i live in Utica, NY.

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    Im asking $450, which includes the monitor and all the floppy games. Im very new at this never have sold anything on the internet, so i dont know about shipping.


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