I'd like to formally announce the new Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace.

This new addition to the Vintage-Computer.com site will hopefully grow to become the preferred venue for buying and selling vintage computing and gaming gear.

The software used for the marketplace was chosen for its simplicity and features which make it a viable alternative to the other, more generalized, auction and sales venues on the web.

Items can be posted in auction format (buy-it-now can be used for flat-rate sales) with descriptions and a photo gallery for each. Bids on items within the last two minutes of an auction will extend that auction by 30 minutes, making sniping a thing of the past.

I've taken the liberty of posting some of my wares for sale on the site. I'll continue to post items I have for sale and I hope the rest of you will consider doing the same.

NOTE: There is absolutely no charge for posting listings to the marketplace or for buying items listed there. The venue is completely free!

I believe that the popularity of these forums and the vintage-computer.com site will help drive buyers and sellers to the new marketplace to the benefit of us all.

Please visit the new site, sign up and, by all means, tell your friends!