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Thread: PC/IX Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by md95065 View Post
    In fact there were two target platforms for SCO's 8086/88 port of XENIX - one was the PC/XT and the other was a Burroughs machine running BTOS where XENIX actually ran as a task under BTOS (similar to the way in which, today, Linux supports a "user mode" platform aka UML where it runs as a user mode process).
    thanks for highlighting this, I did not know that Xenix could run as a task on CTOS, there is a reference here:

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    So, I've got an XT with a compatible controller and a 20Mb hard drive and I gave it a go. I was able to boot it up and start the installation but my hard disk has too many bad tracks in the first couple megabytes. In XENIX, I can just move the partition forwards a bit, but PC/IX only recognizes the first 305 cylinders. Definitely only meant to work with 10Mb hard drives.

    I've got another hard drive on the way - hopefully it will be relatively error-free.

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    So.. are these images still somewhere? The link seems to be dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorg View Post
    So.. are these images still somewhere? The link seems to be dead.
    I'm using the set from WinWorld here:


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