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Thread: What games do you associate with certain computers?

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    Default What games do you associate with certain computers?

    I was instantly a big fan of the TI-99/4A computer ever since I played "Munch Man" at a kiosk in a Service Merchandise store back in Tennessee. A few months later, it turned out to be the first computer I ever owned and programmed on it for many years.

    Considering that there was quite a bit of cartridge based games for the system, I think today it is still largely overlooked. It's funny though -- I can talk to quite a few retro gamers out there and of course it's the console systems that garner the most attention (Nintendo NES, Sega Genesis, Atari 2600, for example). But they almost all automatically bring up "Parsec" as the game they automatically associate with the TI-99/4A. Namely the speech and gameplay that they enjoyed the most.

    There were some games that were great on the TI-99/4A as well as some not-so-lovable losers as well. And although Parsec wasn't my favorite game on the system, it would have to be in my Top-10 (for the TI, that is).

    What I'm curious about is this: for you, what game would you consider to be the game you associate with automatically for that particular system, and why. For example, "Star Raiders" for the Atari 400/800 computer (the reasoning/story behind it is in a prior separate thread of mine.) It doesn't necessarily have to be a groundbreaking or defining-moment type of game, just a particular game that has some connection to you.

    I invite everyone on this forum worldwide to participate on this one -- although I live in the United States, I'd also love to hear from those who perhaps had a particular Spectrum, MSX, BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC, etc. game that holds some personal relevance to you. Tell us your stories!
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    Dick Smith System 80 (TRS80 Model 1 clone)
    I can't choose just one. I had so many favourites, a collection of which are here.

    Commodore 64 - Ghostbusters. - mainly for the catchy music

    Monochrome IBM-PC/XT - Zork 1 and other Infocom games

    486 - Doom and Flight Simulator.

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    BBC - Elite
    Amstrad CPC - 'Roland' games and Sourcery+
    Spectrum - Jet Pac
    Vic-20 - Digger or Alien

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    On our Zenith 8088 when we took it to the local computer show to show off it's configuration and what it could do when I was a little kid, we loaded one of my favorite (and one of the smoother) graphical games on it to show off called "Fleet Sweep". It was just a Galaga type game with different ships and movement you had to get past. That's one that certainly had a lot of people interested in our system.

    I suppose like many students in early programming classes, on the Apple II Oregon Trail was the big one or Logo which I atleast enjoyed.

    I think those are the only vintage systems I really got to play on when they were in their prime. I was jealous of my friend who his family had bought a 286 system (way faster than our 808 and he played Indiana Jones on his which was cool.

    The Amiga 1000/500 the game that got me hooked on that was Scorched Tanks with the good music and tons of weapons.

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    Which VIC-20 game is "Digger"? That is my main computer of interest, and I can't say the title makes me recognize any such game. Alien or Super Alien is well known though.

    Tezza ran a similar thread in another sub-forum the other week, where we nominated both productivity, utility and game software for a number of different systems. You may want to look up that thread, although it degenerated around MS/DOS if I recall correctly.
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    I don't know why, but I associate Doom with the NeXT machine. Very odd, I don't know why though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carlsson View Post
    Which VIC-20 game is "Digger"? That is my main computer of interest, and I can't say the title makes me recognize any such game. Alien or Super Alien is well known though.
    I think the version of Digger I have was not made by a big software house as there is no copyright info on the front page. There are 2 screen shots at the URL below. Rubbish quality as I took them on my mobile phone...

    Also, here is a pic of my custom paint job VIC-20. It was so horribly yellow before painting...

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    The Atari 400/800 laserdisc kiosk burnt 'Pac-Man' into my memory when recognizing an Atari 8-bit.. YTMND: TRS-80 Hacking Secrets Revealed!!!

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    VIC-20: Meteor Run
    C64: Ghosts 'n Goblins or Boulder dash
    Amiga: Firepower

    // Z

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    Default Memorable computers/games

    Here's a coulpe for you...

    PC - Doom / Doom II

    I have great memories of locking the computer room door at work (just in case any of the management decided to come a snooping) and we had afternoon-long frag-fests with our first little network of 486/Pentium PCs. (When there was no work to do of course! )

    Spectrum - Mercenary

    What a great game! I never had the patience to finish it (I mostly flew around in a stolen ship and blew stuff up) but I still thought it was immersive, engrossing and just downright cool.

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