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Thread: Using Syquest Sq555 With Future Domain Tmc-850mex

  1. Default Using Syquest Sq555 With Future Domain Tmc-850mex


    This days Iīm testing the future domain TMC-850MEX scsi isa controler with several devices on a ibm pc xt with msdos 6.22.

    CDROM works fine, SCSI HD works fine too, but my SYQUEST SQ555 not,

    Scsi diagnostic utility donīt detect the SYQUEST SQ555.

    I think this device needs his propietary .sys drivers, but looking in internet I donīt found anything, any idea about where download it ???

    Anyone know wich kind of drivers I need, and the config.sys correct lines that I have to use??



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    Ah, you've got the brain-dead TMC-850. On your other thread, that wasn't clear.

    This is from my very rust-encrusted memory--but here goes...

    I believe that you need to use either the "MCAM950.SYS" (single-tasking) or the "DCAM950.EXE" (multi-tasking) driver with your TMC-850. Note that "multi-tasking" here relates not to your operating system, but the ability to perform overlapped SCSI commands on different devices. Personally, I'd stick with the simpler MCAM950 driver on your XT--doesn't require interrupts.

    You can then add the Adaptec ASPIFCAM.SYS driver which will get you ASPI access. You can then use any of the ASPI device-specific drivers, such as ASPIDISK.SYS or ASPICD.SYS to get access to your drives.

    You can also use the ASPI diagnostic tools, such as ASPISCAN.EXE.

    Future Domain used the CAM protocol, which, IMOHO, is a lot more flexible than ASPI, didn't gain any acceptance in the PC world.


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