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Thread: Tano Dragon 64

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    That is the same company I got some of my Tano's from as well. I also got that Digital Research CP/M that they're selling way back when.

    It's a shame there's not more interest in these systems. I know I'm not the typical collector (everything videogames and computers), but it's quite rare to get new old stock computers from this era.
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    Although I'm already lurking the forum since a couple of months ago this is my first message; so, given the date, first of all I want to wish you all a happy new year!

    I want to start the year in a "retro mood" and I'm thinking in buying a Tano Dragon from California Digital; but after reading the info about the CoCo FDC I'm even more interested as I've a spare CoCo FDC that would be great to adapt to the Tano.

    Where can I find the SuperDOS ROM that Sharkonwheel did mention to burn an EPROM?. Is it copyrighted and can't be uploaded anywhere?.

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    Do you still have Dragon64 for sale?, BR Guy

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    It's still listed on California Digital's web site, for $45 each:

    This was also their most recent eBay listing for them:

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    Pretty unbelievable that they do have them still. I guess it's all the same deal, boxed units. Was a great deal then and still is. I bought two from them last time they were posting here and they were great, beautiful condition.
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    I would love to get one of those. Presumably I would have to handle that it's a US version (110V and all that), but that's not much of a problem. I did work with a borrowed Dragon 32 back in the day and it would be nice to have one again.
    But I think I saw somewhere that shipping to here would be at least $90.. so it doesn't look feasible. Anyway there's no 'Buy' link on their web page.


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    Toss them a note from the auction if you want. I'm sure they'd quote the shipping for you. Not sure the going rate of the systems. They're about the only folks I ever come across selling (for CHEAP IMHO) especially for NIB. Really even with $90 shipping you'd be spending $135 for a new and boxed unit. Assuming it's just 90 for shipping.
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    Here's a British video review of the Dragon 32/64:

    The warning about its lack of complete CoCo compatibility is discouraging, although at only $45 "new in box", it's definitely still worth picking up as a collector's item.

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    I got my Tano Dragon from California Digital. They are slow to respond to e-mails and slow to ship, but if you have patience they will follow through. The box is in near-mint condition and everything inside looks new and untouched. It works fine and comes with a cassette cable and some programs and games on a tape (a claimed "$149.95 value!"), so if you have any regular cassette recorder you'll be ready to try it out.

    The video output is a 5-pin DIN but it does not follow the Atari/Commodore/TI pinout; however, you can use an Atari 800/XL/XE luma-only (monochrome) or luma/choma cable. The Dragon uses the same pins for color composite video and audio as the Atari uses for audio and luma, respectively, so they are reversed; the luma plug becomes the audio output and the audio plug becomes the video output.

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