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Thread: IMSAI Series two. Real or vaporware

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    Default IMSAI Series two. Real or vaporware

    I just remembered the IMSI Series two that popped up on various blogs and news sites a few years ago (

    I found the IMSAI homepage,, but is a bit messy to say the least and I could not make much sense out of it. Using google I could find some subpages not linked to from the first page:

    You can, at least by the look of it, buy parts:

    But the news section are quite outdated:

    And the advance order page is all empty.

    I've tried mailing them but have gotten no answer, not yet at least.

    What is the status, was it ever possible to buy the Series Two? Did it every make it out of the prototype stage?

    Have I missed my chance of owning one? They sure look sweet.


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    Interesting thing to question. I assume they're real, but honestly they're just a PC with an IMSAI front panel. Wow.. haven't been to the site for a while. No wonder the confusion, just looks like a bunch of legal rants.

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    You've been warned!

    Andrew Lynch

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    Ah, that was what I suspected. Too bad, even if would be just a PC box, it would pretty sweet looking and you could probably hook it up to an emulator.

    Either way, in discussion linked to above they mentioned an Altair kit, which looks much more promising. Although it has been produced in quite small numbers:

    If I had just a tad higher paycheck I might have gone for one

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    Well, you can't go wrong with Grant's kits. He is a great guy and makes wonderful stuff.

    Just bring your wallet because they are not cheap!

    Best of luck! Thanks!

    Andrew Lynch


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