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Thread: Seagate ST251, ST225 stepping motor info

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    Default Seagate ST251, ST225 stepping motor info

    it sounds weird but I am looking for the schematic or pin out definition from the stepping motor of the drive to the logic board of the st225 and st251 hard drives. Does any one have or please show me where to get. I appreciated for all help.
    Thank you very much
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    Getting schematics out of Seagate was tough even when those drives were new, but, there must be some, somewhere.

    I'll keep an eye open in my travels around the 'net
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    The 5170 update for the IBM 'Options and Adapters' manuals contains a schematic for a "20MB Fixed Disk Drive".
    The only 20MB drives I've seen IBM supply in 5170s has been the notorious CMI 6426 and the Seagate ST-4026, but others have indicated that ST-225s were also supplied.
    I checked the schematic against the ST-225 I have, but it didn't match.

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    Thanks to all. Please let me know if you find it.


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