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Thread: Windows 3.1 usage of EMS

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    Gee...thank you...!

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    If this is repetitive from other posts, I apologize, but I will provide a short answer. Windows 3.0 in real mode can access EMS, provided related device drivers are installed in the system. Because support for real mode was removed from 3.1, it cannot manage hardware EMS. However, some hardware memory boards had the capability to address all or part of their memory as extended memory, meaning 3.1 could run in standard mode and address that memory.

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    You win the "I resurrected a really old post" award - congratulations! xD

    The machine in question in this post didn't support extended memory due to the lack of 16-bit ISA, apparently, according to the thread.
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    thats gooooooooood............

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    If you can get your hands on an AST 6pack plus card with 1 meg of memory it can and will do both EMS/XMS in a PC/XT. I had one in my old IBM-PC and ran a 2 node BBS using DesqView and QEMM.


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