I am looking for this rather obscure external L2 cache module. This board was manufactured by Intel and IDT and used over about a two year period on a variety of 486 systems using a 33Mhz bus in the early nineties. Machines that I know of using this item:

Multibest Industrial MB4861DX
Epson ExpressStation 486
Packard Bell 22/23 motherboard
NCR 3350 and 3434
Reply 80 Planar
Intel L486
DECpc 433
Morse Technologies KP 486EDX
Zenith ZDS
Zeos 486/33
IThe board contains a total of 4 rows of 28 pins and looks like this:

There are 64K and 128K versions and here are some of the part numbers:
I82485MA-33 (64K)
I82485MB-33 (128K)

I would be happy to pay a reasonable amount for this card to finish off my project:

NCR System 3300 Model 3350 Microchannel Desktop

486DX2 upgraded to Pentium 83Mhz (POP5V83)
16MB upgraded to 192MB RAM
Windows 95 upgraded to Windows NT 4.0 Server (looking for MP-RAS)
Conner 540S upgraded to Quantum SE 2.1 SCSI Hard Drive
3Com529TP Ethernet

Also, I have a complete Apple IIGS system (but w/o any fancy network, storage or accelerator cards) with drives, RGB monitor and dot matrix printer free to a good home (I need to have shipping & handling costs covered that I estimate to be around $40). Every thing works fine except the printer that needs a cartridge. Plus a bunch of games and school software. Hurry before I get around to listing it on eBay!