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Thread: 1000 posts - a celebration!

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    Default 1000 posts - a celebration!

    1000 posts of thread hijacking and postwhoring from me! you guys have it good though, there is one poor MMA forum i frequent that i've got 17,000 posts on since nov. 2006.
    My emulators!
    Fake86 8086/V20 PC emulator:
    MoarNES Nintendo emulator:

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    Congratulations, Mike.

    Collection: Replica I TE, 3 Apple IIe, Apple IIgs, Apple Performa 630cd 68k, 4 PowerPC Performa, 2 Timex/Sinclair 1000 and 1500, PC/AT c286 clone, Commodore 64 and 128, NCR box with a 386 mobo, TRS-80 PC-2, DreamCast, PlayStation 1 and 2, 2 iMac G4, Powermac G3 beige and aqua, Twinhead 386, Toshiba T1910, Zenith zwl-183, set of Intel MCS-8 boards (CPU, RAM, ROM, I/O)

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    20 Posts! And going strong
    Looking for: anything from SGI or DEC/digital
    Pictures of my collection:


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