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Thread: BBC Micro - Three Little Pigs?

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    Default BBC Micro - Three Little Pigs?

    Hi everybody,

    love the forum, only just came across it but it seems to have a lot of interesting information and recollections, looking forward to trawling through in depth in the near future.

    On to the request, they always want something don't they... Back in the late 80s my school acquired some BBC Micros with some 'educational' games. Among these were Granny's Garden (a classic), Pod (? the game where you tell the big red blobby thing what to do and it does it), and a game that the name of, and any information on for that matter, eludes me. I believe it was something to do with the Three Little Pigs, it started out with a 2D side view of a house, with the wolf trying to get through the roof or something? Then you moved on to a checkerboard style layout with the wolf starting at one side, and the pig at the other, and you had to avoid the wolf.

    Obviously my description of this 'game' is terrible, all I remember is that I never managed to finish that game, all the way back when I was five years old, and it's killing me! I'm terribly desperate to work out what this game was, any help you could give me in finding the name and some information would be most appreciated. I'm not usually so obsessive about things like this but after remembering what I have, I can't let it go.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Was it a "Look and Read" game? Bit like Geordie Racer and Dark Towers etc

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    I have no idea, but I did stumble upon a website that may be of interest to you:
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    Quote Originally Posted by andyt31 View Post
    Was it a "Look and Read" game? Bit like Geordie Racer and Dark Towers etc
    It very well may have been, I'll try to see what I can drum up with that. Thanks

    Ands thanks Tinkerer, I've been to that site but it seems all the games are only archived by publisher, and with so many it would be a tedious task to trawl through all of them. I have tried to contact the administrator but haven't yet received a reply.

    Thanks for your help guys, anyone else got any ideas incase neither of these work out?


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