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Thread: RCA COSMAC Micromonitor CDP 18S030

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    Default RCA COSMAC Micromonitor CDP 18S030

    I am looking for a users manual for the RCA COSMAC Micromonitor CDP 18S030. Any other info would be greatly appeciated.
    below is some info I got on the web:

    Self-contained, powerful debugging tool for use with any system based on the CDP1802 Microprocessor. It permits in-circuit debugging in real time so that both hardware and software problems can be efficiently screened. The Micromonitor is interposed between the system under test and the system's CDP1802 CPU, giving the user control of both hardware interfaces and execution of the user program. The Micromonitor, although controlled by its
    own internal microprocessor, uses the microprocessor, power supply, clock, memory, and other components of the system under test to run the user progrm. Thus, it is not an emulator, but a monitor of system performance. It has been designed to induce a minimal effect on the system under test and provides a reliable measure of true system performance.

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    There are some nice pictures of the RCA Micromonitor here:

    I will put up some pictures when I figure out how to.


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