I think I've been able to successfully convert a MITS audio cassette tape to the stored binary data. In order to thoroughly test the conversion program, I'm looking for additional sample tapes. So I'm calling for help from anyone who hangs out here to volunteer to convert their MITS ACR tapes (the 2400Hz/1850Hz version) to WAV files using the sound card on their computer.

Now, the rub of this is that I also need a separate binary file for comparison. So, I'll use the Disk Boot Loader as an example. I would need a WAV copy of the cassette version and a binary file containing the paper tape version, *and* both have to be the same product version (i.e., Version 4.1). It doesn't matter what program it is -- just that both files represent the same version of the program.

Once I confirm that this works, I plan on making a version for the ACR Version 2 (which used Bell 103 frequencies), and KCS.

Drop me a PM if you can help out with this project.