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Thread: Power up problem on a Cray EL98

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    Default Power up problem on a Cray EL98

    Greetings all,

    A friend and I recently acquired a Cray EL98. On power up we are receiving a Memory PS error. The memory voltage at the test point is 5.4VDC, but since we have no documentation on the EL we don't have a clue if this is a good thing or not. So if there are any EL98 Techs out there, or someone who has a copy of "Cray Y-MP EL Computer System Hardware Troubleshooting and Maintenance Manual (CMM-0431-0A0)" we would really appreciate any assistance with this problem.


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    Try calling Cray. They might give you some help on what to do. They'd probably be delighted to hear from you.

    How old is it ?

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    Oohh, a supercomputer just the right size to hug.
    I want one. Until some one gives me one, I guess I'm sol.

    What's it running, UNICOS ?
    Have you looked at CrayDoc ?
    The 5.4 sounds spot-on, but might be off on what I think the memory technology is. Possibly a secondary supply line ?
    How many mem boards are in the beast ?

    Have you tried posting to
    where the hard-core Cray junkies hang out.


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    Well we received a new power supply from a kind sole. The EL boots to System Ready. Unfortunately, we not appear to have a faulty IOS Winchester drive. We have successfully imaged off the contents of the drive and are now searching for a Seagate ST1239N hard drive. Slow but steady progress is being made.



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