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Thread: Tiny Menu

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    Necroposting here - however since this thread was referenced by a new thread I am going with it...

    Did a later version of the program ever come out? snq did you ever find your original code?
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    While at it - is the program still available? The links have stopped working.

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    I put what I could find here:

    It contains the original TINYMENU.* files as well as a quick disassembly and a quick utility for building .INI files (meant for putting a lot of single-file games on a floppy disk like ARCHON.EXE, ROBOTRON.EXE, etc. but should work on larger structures).

    Assuming the original source is lost, but with only a 1K .COM file I'm sure it could be disassembled and commented rather quickly. I mentioned many years ago (in this thread) that some of the routines could be optimized smaller with BIOS routines which would have made it smaller... I might do that still.
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