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Thread: Looking for an old game called "Island"

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    Default Found it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Marrr View Post
    I used to play such a game, but I doubt if this is what you're looking for - this "Island" game I have was made in 1995, works under DOS, and its language is Polish.
    However, the intro to this game mentions it's based on some earlier "Island" game for C64 - perhaps this is where you should search?
    I know this thread is super old but I came across it when I was also searching for this game. I found it! Or at least the one that I was thinking of, I think the the original poster was describing the one I used to play in school. Thanks to this comment I searched "Island game for C64" and came across it on gamebase64: It's called Island(Rescue) by The Guild Adventure Software, published in 1983.

    I've been searching for it for a while and it was frustrating with such a vague name. I thought I'd post so other people who are searching for it can find it too. Thanks for the help!

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    Just wondering if you have been successful in finding this game? I've been thinking about it lately and your post is the first I've seen describing it EXACTLY! I'd like to show my husband the game. It was one we played all the time at my elementary school.


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