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Thread: Powertran Cortex

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    > The manual version I have is in the form of 220 pages of GIF images.

    You might be interested in something I ran across by accident wile looking at different e-reader types: .CBR or .CBZ format. It seems comic books are scanned a page at a time as image files and stored in .ZIP or .RAR files with the .CBZ or .CBR extension. I thought it might be possible to write an e-reader for older computers that used this format with 0% comression. It would be better than trying to read a .PDF on a classic. In this case though, it just seems like a quick easy way to get old manuals scanned and into an easily distributable format.

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    You could also use djvu format, which gives very high compression rates and is potentially lossless (depending on exactly how you use it).


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