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Thread: gateway perf 1300 wont boot up

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    Default gateway perf 1300 wont boot up

    I bought a second hand gateway performence 1300 computer ATXSTF manufactured in 2001. It only had 2 memory chips and a floppy drive. I added a hard drive and a cd-rom drive and a ethernet card. I doesnt have a place to plug in a monitor so i put a pci stealth 3d 2000 video card in it.
    It looks like its in good condition but when i turn it on it beeps three times and then nothing. the cd-rom drive lights up and so does a light on the motherboard and i can hear the hard drive working. any ideas on what might be wrong?

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    I can't remember off-hand if 3 beeps is memory or video, but I'm pretty sure it is RAM.

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    just to let you know, your PC is not vintage and this thread goes in off-topic to avoid mixing things up. But ur new, so the mods may just move the thread


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