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Thread: Just restored an IBM PS/1

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    Sorry to revive this old thread. I've also restored an old IBM PS/1 2133-W13 and I am only missing the original software since the original disk failed. Is there any chance that you have an image of the original hard-drive or the original install floppies?

    In other news, there is a project called IBMulator that emulates the 2011 PS/1 systems and is able to run the original ROM included including the Quad Screen.
    Furthermore, the PCem emulator is able to run quite a lot of old systems. I'm working on adding support for the 386 based 2133 systems to it.


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    Hi everyone,

    Just like with the previous post, apologies for reviving the thread. I've restored my IBM PS/1 2133-W13 and I have now acquired the following original software kits for the PS/1 in pristine condition:
    • 93F2367 - IBM Original PS/1 Software 2.0 (US, Fall 92) - 12 High Density 3" Diskettes (1 boot + 11 recovery)
    • 93F2368 - IBM Original PS/1 Software for OS/2 2.0 (US, Fall 92 with OS/2 2.0) - 21 High Density 3" Diskettes (1 boot + 20 recovery)

    I've taken the images using DD with the write lock enabled immediately after unsealing the kits. I hope to scan the labels soon enough in order to make a proper release for BetaArchive/ (if you have any suggestions, let me know).

    Send me a PM and I'll send you a copy of the disk images.


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    Hi Razvan
    Did you end up getting the DD images uploaded somewhere? I have recently got my hands on an original PS/1 and would love to have a copy of the original install disks.

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    I would upload them to Vetusware. They are a good abandon-ware site.
    Stuck in the PS/2 80's !

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    That'd be awesome! Can you please let me know when it's up there? Thanks

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