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Thread: full 040 in Performa 475 (LC style case)

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    Default full 040 in Performa 475 (LC style case)

    I just swapped out a 68lc040 cpu and relaced it with a full 040 in a Performa 475. Does the full 040 produce anymore heat than the LC040? I was wondering If I need to put a heat sink on the cpu somehow , or does the case still allow enough airflow to keep things from overheating?

    I did notice it runs a good bit faster with the full 040.

    This was basically my project to build a Hot Rod Mac LC class. I already have a 32 mb ram chip in it and I found a 1 gig scsi hd that will fit, and I have a 4 gig later style scisi with a pin adapter that has been tested and does drop down to the older scsi mode, and has a minimal OS on it( the old copy the system folder off the floppy to the hd trick)

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    Default Shouldn't need a heatsink, IIRC


    I had a Performa 475, and due to a class-action suite, the resolution was for Apple to mail all of the existing owners a 68040 chip. As I recall, that's all it was - just a chip with no additional active or passive cooling. I never had a problem with that machine (before or after the upgrade).



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