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Thread: Trenton Computer Festival (New Jersey)

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    Default Trenton Computer Festival (New Jersey)

    Just thought I'd let you all know about this event the weekend after next. You have until tomorrow to postmark your payment for advanced (reduce) admission ticket. I guess is the URL. It's not held in Trenton, hasn't been for a long time, in Ewing this year. Was getting crappy when they moved it to Edison, but now that it's back on a college grounds, perhaps at least they'll get all the vendors they used to in the flea market section (but I think they're charging alot for tables these days - used to let people tailgate and everything was dirt cheap). Worth is if you live within a 2 or 3 hours drive. Flea market opens at 9am on Saturday and Sunday, the indoor (new) vending area opens at 10, and seminars start at about 10:30. Brian Kernighan, co-creator of the C language, will be there.

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    Default ...And don't miss the TCF History Computing Exhibit !!!

    MARCH -- Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists -- is a new club and our first event will be a vintage computer exhibit at TCF next weekend. We'll be in a special room off of the main exhibit floor. Look for us and say hello! We're online at

    FYI, our brothers-in-arms -- the NJ Antique Radio Club -- will also be at TCF.

    - Evan Koblentz


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