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    Anybody use this utility with their TI-74 PC Interface?

    Anyone know if you have to use the parallel or serial port to print directly onto a PC Printer? I only have a usb lead for my printer, is there anyway I can print to it without buying a new lead?

    I'm trying to print from a word processing document, but keep getting a "bad argument" error...

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    IF I remember correctly, it's strictly parallel.

    The other bad news is the author has moved on to other projects, so TIIF isn't supported at all. Strictly use at your own risk!
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    My serial/parallel port card works fine with PC-IF in

    my Dell 2100, Celeron 1.1 GHz, XP-HE), running VPC 2007.

    I have'nt tried to use the serial port yet, but it shows up
    in the VPC 2007 config screen.

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