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    Default Complete 3M Text Editor Word Processor/Computer

    From my inbox:

    Erik: I have a complete 3M Text Editor Word Processor computer from 1983. The unit is 26 years old! One of the first computerized word processors for office work. I hope you would want this for your collection, or know of someone that does.
    Comes with the computer terminal, B&W monitor, operations manual, software, and Typewriter.
    The Typewriter is actually a Daisy Wheel type Olivetti ET-201 modified by 3M to also act as a keyboard for the computer.
    You type your letter and edit it on the computer screen, then hit the PRINT button and your letter will print out on the typewriter. The unit is clean, and works perfect. Monitor is nice and bright. Typewriter works perfect. Units were in an office environment.
    A great piece of computer history that works!
    The Typewriter weighs 35 pounds
    The computer weighs 21 pounds
    and the monitor weighs 26 pounds

    I live in the Los Angeles are near Magic Mountain Amusement Park.
    Please let me know.

    For pickup or pack/ship at your expense.

    Please contact me for Bob's contact info.
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    Not even remotely the first office wapro or even close. Artec, CPT, AES, Lanier all had office word processors out in the early 70's. Not to ignore DEC, Wang and the IBM systems (eg. MT/ST) from the 60's.

    Still, a curious piece of equipment from a major national corporation.
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    Curious is certainly an accurate statement. It's interesting. I have a similar but much simpler system from Panasonic although the Panasonic is more like a computer vs an electronic typewriter.
    Looking to acquire: IBM 5100, Altair 8800
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    Hello, very interesting. I found this thread over Google. This ET 201 looks a bit unusual, it has not the standard design. But I still remember the word processor computer. It also was sold in Europe by Olivetti. It was called Olivetti ETS 1010. See There was also a nicer designed ETS 2010, see The ETS systems were quite rare. Technically they are 8086 (ETS 1010) and 80186 (ETS 2010) based and run CP/M 86. ETS was able to use proprietary network and share documents and printer between different stations. The Olivetti ET series typewriter (usually ET 121, ET 201, ET 221, ET 231) was used as keyboard and printer, or you could use the ETS with separate keyboard and printer. The later ETV series (300/350 standalone, ETV 240/250 integrated system) were cost down versions of that using Z80 and no network support.
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    I have now an Olivetti ET 121 with ETS 1010 interface, but no ETS. If you compare the above picture of the 3M system, you will see a lot of similarities between the two typewriters, inclusive the additional keyboard at the right side.