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Thread: Enable for DOS

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    Quote Originally Posted by krebizfan View Post
    I remember Fortran compilers being marketed as Fortran IV (despite actually being Fortran 66) until the development of Fortran 77 caused the older implementations to be more clearly identified with the 66 moniker. Other languages that used the year heavily in marketing were Algol-68 and Smalltalk 80.
    Different times. Back in the day, "standard" implementations were considered the minimum subset; no one said anything about vendor extensions. Usually, there was some statement in the manual about the FORTRAN implementation "conforming" to some standard or another. So, you wound up with stuff like FORTRAN V (Univac) and a lot of incredible mongrels. In a way, this was understandable, as machines had varying internal representations of data and wildly diverging peripherals.

    And then there was the matter of what to call things. FORTRAN IV was a good way to differentiate basic versions and nobody owned the name. FORTRAN 66 merely added a few statements that had existed before that turned out to be useful.

    Real "Standardization" did happen until the 70s, when COBOL 75 categorically stated that the default COBOL processor could not automatically implement vendor extensions. This was significant.

    Fortran 90 was even more restrictive. (this is really the first official dialect that could be written as "Fortran" and not "FORTRAN". There were some real donnybrooks in X3J3 at the time, with vendors threatening to walk out of the committee proceedings. (The goal was to have Fortran 88, but the quibbling really delayed things).

    So basically, FORTRAN IV was whatever people said it was, as long as it implemented certain statements. See the back section of Daniel McCracken's book on FORTRAN IV for examples of divergence.

    At least we're not punching a "B" in column one to signify a boolean expression...

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    Default Enable for DOS

    Quote Originally Posted by patscc View Post
    Anyone out there remember Enable ? Or even better, have a copy that I could get a copy of ?

    Did you ever find a copy of Enable 4.5 or earlier version of the software. I need to obtain a copy or a program that will read an Enable Spreadsheet file. Thanks, Ed

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    Enable had about 1 million end-users back in the late 1980's / early 1990's (I was one of those!); we had used it at our company as well and even bought a personal copy.

    Enable had a huge corporate campus in the State of New York somewhere; the software supposedly was even used during the "Gulf War Conflict"...

    But, when Windows became more prevalent, they didn't really seem to want to go that route and even suggested that if we wanted to go with a Windows version, that we get Microsoft Office! That was kind of the end for Enable and they shut down a few years later (mid/late 1990's?).

    Great software for its' time though (as was Geoworks Ensemble ...).

    For what it's worth, I had 4 different versions/releases of Enable:
    v4.0 r19.0
    v4.5 r42.3
    v4.5 r48.5
    v4.5 r59.9

    I've put all the install disks (including a text file with the serial number) into folders on a back-up hard drive and can now put the whole thing on a CD-ROM (to use, simply copy the contents of the folders back into 3.5" HD floppies), the CD is available for a nominal fee (including tracked shipping within the USA). Contact me privately if interested.

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    It wasn't that inexpensive... I paid about $700 for my copy in the early 1990's!

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    I'm late to the game, but Algol 58 is the earliest year-named software that I know of. I don't think that was actually the first, but can't recall why I think that.

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    Yes I would like to get a copy of these programs. It's been a long time since I messed with it not since my days in the Marine Corps. Let me know if this is possible.


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    Hi Folks,

    I used to work for Enable Software Inc! I might be able to obtain a full version of 4.5 in the box - maybe still in its original wrap.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pcelias View Post
    the software supposedly was even used during the "Gulf War Conflict"...
    Enable OA was the standard office software for the Marine Corps in the late '80s and early '90s for the "Green" (ground) side of the Corps, the "Blue" (aviation) side used the Navy standard software i.e. Wordperfect, Lotus 123 & dBase.


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    I have the complete Enable set 4.5 if you are still interested.

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    An old thread - but for the sake on completeness, I remember using CDC FORTRAN-63 long ago, I think it was a CDC-6400.

    Found a reference online that it existed, so not just failing memory. I recall that the DO Loops did not execute at all if the control limits were out of range on entry, FORTRAN-66 DO Loops always executed at least once. Caused some problems on conversions.


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