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Thread: NEC Trek PC 6001A on ebay

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    Default NEC Trek PC 6001A on ebay

    looks like a really neat computer.

    i love the keyboard!

    MINT NEC Trek PC 6001A Collectible vintage computer
    Item number: 5187838260

    The vic rocks!

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    very intresting i've never seen/heard of this but it look like it's in fantastic shape. I wonder what it cost new? Looks like one of those machines that
    was bought and never used. anyone have one of these things?

    YEAR: November 1981
    BUILT IN LANGUAGE: Microsoft N60 Basic
    KEYBOARD: Chicklet keyboard, 71 keys, JIS standard layout
    CPU: PD 780c-1 (compatible with Z80)
    SPEED: 3.8 MHz
    COPROCESSOR: M5C6847P-1 video generator (MC6847 compatible)
    RAM: 16 KB (up to 32 KB)
    VRAM: Unknown
    ROM: 16 KB (Basic) + 4 KB (character ROM)
    TEXT MODES: 32 x 16
    GRAPHIC MODES: 256 x 192 / 256 x 128 / 128 x 192 / 128 x 128 / 64 x 48
    COLORS: monochrome (256 x 192) / 2 (128 x 192) / 9 (64 x 48 )
    SOUND: three channels, 8 octaves (General Instruments AY-3-8910)
    I/O PORTS: Tape (600 / 1200 baud), RGB, Centronics, Joystick (2), ROM/RAM cartridges, Audio

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    Default Wanted : screenshot of VDG font on PC-6001A

    I want to get screenshot screenshot of VDG font on PC-6001A.
    To show VDG font on PC-6001A, the method is simple.

    Run this program on 16KB.

    10 SCREEN1:CLS
    20 FOR I=32TO255:PRINT CHR$(I);:NEXT
    30 FOR I=32TO255:POKE &HC000+I-32,0:NEXT

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    You're about 5 years late.

    "It's a me-too, 8-bit machine with good graphics and a disk system nobody will support."
    -- Bill Gates, about the Sony SMC-70 with the new 3.5" floppy drives (InfoWorld; June 7, 1982)

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    I have the 16K version, this it the program that I ran, here are the results:

    When the program runs this is the first set of characters that appear on the screen, but you have to be quick, they only stay visible for a second.

    After the screen clears, this is the 2nd set of characters that appear on the screen. Hi RES 1a Hi RES 1b Hi RES 1c Hi RES 2a Hi RES 2b Hi RES 2c
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    Default Thanks very much! It is just match to Japanese.

    Thanks very much!

    It is just match to Japanese PC-6001.
    That means PC-6001A VDG is same as PC-6001.

    VDG : M5C6847P-1 ( Mitsubishi, compatible with Motorola MC6847 )

    The font is nearly same as MC6847's PAL square font except (*).

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    Also If possible, can you also post the following more screenshots for 2 programs?

    1. BIOS CheckSum

    10 A=0:FOR I=&H0000 TO &H1FFF:A=A+PEEK(I):NEXT
    20 PRINT "CHECKSUM1 =";A
    30 B=0:FOR I=&H2000 TO &H3FFF:B=B+PEEK(I):NEXT
    40 PRINT "CHECKSUM2 =";B

    2. Normal Character (16KB)

    10 REM
    20 POKE&H8403,10:POKE&H8404,0
    30 POKE&HFA8F,224:POKE&HFA90,7
    40 POKE&HFA91,224:POKE&HFA92,7
    50 CLS:A=&HC200
    60 FOR I=&H00 TO &HFF
    70 POKE A+I,I
    80 NEXT
    90 GOTO 90

    3.VDG Font ("*", "@")

    10 SCREEN 1,1,1:CLS
    20 FOR I=0 TO 31 STEP 2
    30 PRINT CHR$(42);:PRINT CHR$(64);
    40 POKE &HC000+I,13:POKE &HC001+I,13:NEXT

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