If you don't have time to do all the legwork, just buy-it-now ($4000)

I am not affiliated with this eBay seller or the owner of the collection - although if someone grabs it I would be interested in the GRiDCase3 laptop and GRiD XT

Partial content shown below since eBay listings expire after 3-months and it is no longer possible to easily find out what the auction was about...

Collection of 148 Vintage Laptop and Portable Computers + Accessories

Tremendous, one-of-a-kind collection of vintage, historic, collectible laptop and portable computers from 1981-1994. All major manufacturers represented: IBM, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Toshiba, NEC, Gateway, Compaq, Acer, Panasonic; plus many minor or obscure manufacturers: Osborne, Timex, Zenith, Mitsuba, Hyundai, Zeos, GRiD, Bondwell, Tandy, Bondwell, AT&T, NCR, Leading Edge. Includes many rare or significant computers. Many in good working order. Nearly all in very good to near-mint cosmetic condition. Many come complete with original carrying cases or bags, power adaptors, original manuals, cables or external floppy drives, and/or original software diskettes. Includes additional peripherals (power adaptors, external floppy drives, docking stations), plus collection of vintage computer magazines from 1985-1990. Full catalog of collection available, which includes details on working condition, cosmetic condition, features, and historic significance of each machine (will email catalog upon request). Listing of 148 laptop or portable computers follows:

Acer AnyWare 386SX Laptop; Altima LSX Laptop; Apple Macintosh Portable (2); Amstrad ALT-386SX Laptop; AST Premium Exec 286/12; AST Premium Exec 386SX/20; AT&T Safari Laptop (7); Blackship Computer Systems NBA386SX Laptop; Bondwell Model 8 Laptop; Bondwell B200 Superslim Laptop; Bondwell B310 Plus Superslim 286; Compaq Contura 3/25 (2); Compaq LTE Notebook (2); Compaq LTE/286; Compaq LTE 386s/20 Notebook; Compaq SLT/286 Laptop (3); Compaq SLT 386s/20 Laptop; Canon NoteJet II 486C; Dell 316LT; Dell 320SLi Notebook Computer (2); Dell NL25C Notebook Computer; Epson NB-SL/20 Action Note; Epson ActionNote 4SLC2-50 Notebook; Gateway 2000 ColorBook2 DX4-100; Gateway 2000 Handbook 486 Subnotebook Computer (2); Gateway 2000 Handbook 486DX2-40; GRiD GRiDCase 3/Plus; GRiD 140 XT Personal Computer; GRiD GRiDCase 1520 Ruggedized Laptop (4); GRiD 1550SX Ruggedized Laptop (2); GRiD 1660 Notebook Computer; GRiD 1755 (6); GRiD 1755/486 SLC (2); GRiD Model 4025 Notebook Computer; Hewlett Packard OmniBook 600CT; Hyundai Neuron 433 SLC Notebook; IBM Portable Personal Computer; IBM PC Convertible (2); IBM PS/2 Model L40 SX (3); IBM PS/2 Notebook Computer; IBM ThinkPad 700 PS/2 (3); IBM ThinkPad 360; IBM ThinkPad 510cs (2); IBM ThinkPad 701C; Leading Edge Model D/LT386SX; Micro-G NP-942 Laptop; Mitsuba Ninja-86 Laptop; NCR 3170 Laptop (3); NEC MultiSpeed Laptop; NEC Multispeed HD; NEC MultiSpeed EL Laptop; NEC Ultralite Notebook Computer; NEC Ultralite SL/25C; Osborne 1 Portable Computer; Panasonic Senior Partner Portable Computer/ Printer Combo Unit; Panasonic Business Partner 150B Notebook; Panasonic Business Partner 270 Notebook (3); Sharp PC4500; Sharp PC-7000; Tandy 1100 FD Laptop (3); Tandy 1100 HD Notebook; Tandy 1400 LT Laptop; Tandy 1500 HD Notebook Computer; Tandy 3800HD Laptop; Timex Memorex Telex 7500 Laptop; Toshiba T1000 (4); Toshiba T1100 Plus Laptop; Toshiba T1000SE Notebook (2); Toshiba T1200 (3); Toshiba T1200XE (2); Toshiba T2000SX; Toshiba T3200SXC; Toshiba T4400SXC; Toshiba Satellite T1910; Zenith ZFL-0171 Portable (2); Zenith ZFL-181 Laptop (3); Zenith ZWL-183 Laptop; Zenith Data Systems ZWL-184-97 Laptop (3); Zenith Data Systems SupersPort (2); Zenith Data Systems SupersPort 286e (2); Zenith Data Systems SupersPort Model 20; Zenith Data Systems SupersPort SX; Zenith Data Systems TurboSport 386 (2); Zenith Data Systems MastersPort 386SX; Zenith Data Systems MastersPort 386SL-60; Zenith Data Systems MinisPort HD Notebook; Zenith Data Systems MinisPort ZL-1 Notebook; Zenith Data Systems MinisPort ZL-2 Notebook (3); Zenith Data Systems Z-Note 320L (3); Zenith Z-Note 325L Notebook; Zenith Data Systems Z-Note 425Ln+ Notebook; Zeos Freestyle/SL Notebook (2); Zeos Notebook 386