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Thread: Plus /4 , C16 Modem?

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    Default Plus /4 , C16 Modem?

    Does anyone know of a modem that will work the Plus /4 series computers?

    I'm hoping to put one on my Commodore 16.

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    A regular Commodore modem should work satisfactorily on a Plus/4. The C-16 doesn't have an RS-232 port connection. No user port modem's exist. Sorry.

    Rick Ethridge

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    It seems like one could be designed to use with the cartidge port though (:--

    Oh well, i am continuing memories of my C16 childhood experience by purchasing a Pal version of the Plus /4 when i can afford toys again heh.

    Even though i am in the us, i am going to a pal machine because most of the software for this series was written in europe, thus the pal format.

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    The only one i've ever seen a pic of is this at the bottom ...


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