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Thread: Don't sing on your webcam at the office.

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    How a blonde prints a word document.


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    I am known for notoriously picking my nose in front of the webcam. That and drinking tea. So far noone has hit me with a book for doing that. OTOH there is no mic connected to that webcam.
    Anders Carlsson

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    old news however they are pretty funny
    i like the one of the guy at british telecom that beats the hell out of
    his computer i have a 13mb version of it if any one wants it.
    everytime im bored or upset i just watch that and it always puts me in a good mood.
    i also have a pretty good quality version of the flintstones lighting up for winston

    i keep my webcam pointed at the wall when out of use
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    Quote Originally Posted by machine
    How a blonde prints a word document.

    I'd laugh if this one wasn't so well based in truth.
    When I was supporting "PeoplePC" before they were assimilated by Earthlink- I actually took a sup call where the tech previous had asked the woman to get a screenshot and the monitor fell off the copier- she was demanding we replace it under warranty!

    It ranks right up there with another PeoplePC customer I had the pleasure of supporting. We've all heard of the "cup holder being broken" calls but this one sets a new record. After 20 min of trying to troubleshoot the issue of everything being upside down on the screen, it finally dawned on me:

    me: Ma'am- where is the power button for the monitor?
    Eu: Its on the top left (rather proudly)
    me-muted- banging head on desk and trying to rugburn my wrists in a vain attempt to slit them on the cubile wall..
    Me: Ma'am- I'm going to need you to very carefully turn the monitor over so the power button is facing you and on the bottom right.
    <I'm not making this up- honestly>
    Eu: But if I do am I supposed to get to the popcorn bowl holder?

    The digital divide exists for a reason....

    " Is this in real time? Is this in memory?
    Caught in a for(;; ) loop, no escape from this subroutine...
    open() your files, branch through the do{}while()s and see"

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    I worked in Tech Support for a couple of years and I am quite mischeivous at times. I told one woman on the phone (an electronics technician too) that sometimes hard disks rev up to several times their regular speed and the one's and zero's fall off the edge of the disk due to centrifugal force.

    She bit and said "oh, I see, ok, what do I do?".

    I said "lift the machine up and look underneath to see if you can see any of the one's and zero's, because they fall out of the holes in the bottom".

    She said "ok, wait a minute".

    I waited.

    She came back to the phone and said "I can't see any, what now?"

    I recieved phone calls from my mates in the computer industry all week about it and how she really does believe the one's and zeros fall off.

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    One day at the computer store, the subject of file compression came up. Between Mark & myself, we had a couple of customers believing that if you ran your software through a series of compression programs, (sQueez, then CRunch, then LHA, then Pak, then ARC, then Zip, etc) that eventually you could compress all of your data down to a single byte. The clincher was when I suggested that you could then send that byte thru a modem that does file compression (MNP-5 was the big thing back then), and you could eliminate the need for mass storage at all, because not only would the byte be compressed again to a single bit, that bit would remain floating around in cyberspace until you were ready to download it back into your system.

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