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Thread: Finally own an 8" hard drive! Memorex Model 101... NIB!!

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    Default Finally own an 8" hard drive! Memorex Model 101... NIB!!

    Just picked it up today. Brand new in the original box!

    It even came with a printed manual. 11mb woooo!

    My plan was to display it in the store next to a 5.25", 3.5", 2.5", and a microdrive.

    Also wondering if it's worth anything? I just moved out so if it's worth some coin I suppose I can let it go.

    It also came with a free gift; a Siemens FDD 100-8E... looks new too!

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    Aww no one else thinks this is cool??

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    somehow missed it,
    Yes it's cool, and the floppy is a pretty good freebie too.
    "Don't it always seem to go
    That you don't know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone" (BANG )

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    lmao Aaron.. I can read the disappointment you had. Same with me, I missed the original post somehow (like a lot of bad Americans I do a lot more forum monitoring at work waiting for things to complete than home).. just a justification if someone gets an intro missed during a weekend post, etc.

    Anyway yeah that's cool. If it works it's worth a bit. I haven't really come to figure out when/what drives go for a lot but for example TRS-80 external hard drives seem to always sell and last time I checked they were $100-200 range (US) for a 10-20MB drive (this was 2 years ago last time I was looking). I suppose as most it's worth but bigger bucks if you say it works and show some indication of such.

    Seems like drives for old Apple systems did similar (Lisa drives). I think most of the ones I saw were external, but again.. the rare part is WORKING. Anything WORKING is worth something usually

    Never-the-less neat find!
    - John
    Looking to acquire: IBM 5100, Altair 8800

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    I seriously have no idea how to check to see if it even accepts power; let alone functions.

    It IS new though. Don't see why it wouldn't.

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    That's the problem. It is not new. It is 25 to 30 years old. Never used != new.

    There are a lot of potential problems. The lubricant on the platters might have devolved into something else by now. Rubber parts age even when not in use. Plastic coatings on wires can age. Electrolytic fluid in capacitors can age.

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    So where can I plumb some power into this thing to see if it spins up?

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    You have no idea what you might be damaging by even trying it. I always ask, what are the risks and what is the reward? If the only reward you are going to get is to hear it spin and the risk is to damage it beyond recognition, then that says to leave it alone.

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    True, but the drive will do nothing more than rot in the basement so I might as well see if it does something!

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    It's not my business, but you posted here publicly.

    If you destroy it, that will just be one more piece of hardware you have mishandled over the years. So feel free to hook up a car battery to it and completely destroy it, because that sounds like what you are going to do anyway.

    I don't know what your interest in vintage equipment really is. You don't know what it is, you don't know how to handle it, yet you are ready to sacrifice it just to see if it spins. Makes no sense to me.


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